It’s been a week..(almost) spent this week with my head down trying to process the Boston Marathon. For 18 weeks I committed to the program, sacrificed, recovered and dialed in my nutrition. I was READY.
My heart is still shattered with the how the race went. If you know me I’m incredibly competitive with myself and hard on myself. But I wouldn’t be the person I am without these attributes. Weather is an uncontrollable circumstance and unfortunately I was just unprepared for 70+ temperatures in early April. I’ve had a lot of people tell me they would “kill for my time” but understand this was not the goal I set for myself. Early on around mile 9, I knew that the goal was just to finish, not just for myself but for my family, my kids and my support crew.
That being said, there is so much to take away from the day. The crowds, my kids cheering me on, my mom and friends screaming, my husband dealing with my tears and the endless support I’ve received during this event. The Boston marathon was never really a dream until it became a reality. I am honored that my body allows me the opportunity to do these events, to train with dedication and love the process (even when it’s not in my favor).
I took the week to make some decisions on what’s next. I’ll see you Boston in 2026 for redemption but we have 2 more ⭐️ to earn first. THANK YOU again to everyone who supported this journey. There’s plenty more to come!