There is no test you must pass to become a runner, if you run you are a “runner.”

Running entices people of all ages, genders, and socioeconomic statuses.

I have compiled a few fun facts about this amazing sport that seems to keep us captivated.

According to livestrong.com, RW 2023 survey and runsignup.com.

1.1 million people run marathons, 1% of the population.

Marathons account for 12% of all global races.

Germany has the highest number of participants of marathons.

Norway and Denmark prefer the 10K.

France and Czech prefer the half marathon.

Switzerland ranked the fastest average marathon, participant time 3:50 minutes.

Philippines has the slowest average marathon time at 5:25.

Fastest ultramarathons average is in South Africa

Finland had the greatest number of female trail runners at 43%.

The USA, Philippines, and South Africa have the highest number of 5k runners compared to
other distances.

Domestically Washington DC had the highest number of marathoners, West VA had the
lowest percent.

London, NYC and Berlin are considered the marathon bucket list. {mine is Boston}
Average age of marathoners is 40

Domestically San Francisco was rated number 1, with Boston number 2 in best ranked
cities to run in. This was evaluated by air quality and residents living within 10 minutes from
a park along with average rain fall.

63 degrees was voted ideal outdoor temperature to run in.

20 to 29 seems to be the average age a runner starts.

85 % of people who start running have participated in a race, with 70% in a 10k.

76% run in the morning.

77% of runners experience an injury at some point, with knee being most common.

89 percent of runners track their runs with a smart watch, with Strava being their favorite
running platform

25 percent use a training program.

A banana was voted top race fuel.

56 percent of runners prefer to run alone, as compared to 17 percent with a friend, 5
percent with a dog.

Women race more than men, but narrowing, 53 percent are women.
15 percent of runners are between 18-29 years old.

Procrastination is steady with 25 percent of participants signing up on race week, with
technology that allows race day check in gaining popularity.

The largest charity run is the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, a race series with one
million participants from 4 continents. The largest breast cancer fund raising event.

NYC Marathon has the largest amount of race participants, with number 2 being Chicago
Marathon, 3 Walt Disney World Marathon, 4 Peach Tree Road Race {GA} and Boston
Marathon coming in number 5.

Jen B.