A nice winter run, what to wear? 

The box comes out!  Gloves or mittens, hats, gaiters, running clothes to stay warm.  As the weather becomes chilly, layers seem to be the best option.  A hat or headband to cover the ears, a base layer, dry weave top with a vest or jacket shell for wind always seems to help with being more comfortable.  Running tights or pants or for the brave, shorts. Don’t forget the feet, wool socks or socks a little higher on the ankles.  The less skin showing the better. Remember Nox gear or lights and reflective clothing for the dark mornings and then sunglasses for the glare.  Don’t forget the chafing cream or glide, it still happens in the cold!  

 But where do I go??  

There are a few places to train and be a bit sheltered from the wind.  Trails seem to be a nice option for interesting winter runs.  Here are a few options:   

Wells Mills Park in Waretown has a few trails, with distances of 8.5 miles for the white trail, 6.2 for the yellow trail and the green trail being 3.5 miles.  Some hills, boardwalks, and sand. 


Double Trouble State Park in Bayville can give you 5 miles with trails combined.  


Manasquan Reservoir, a bit of a ride to Howell is always a mainstay for a good 5-mile run. Bathrooms and a fireplace to warm up at the visitor center. 


Jake’s Branch County Park in Beachwood has a couple trails with distances of 3.8 for the blue trail and 2.6 for the yellow trail.  


A nice longer distance is the Barnegat Branch Rail Trail which has different starting points depending on where you park. Out and back distance up to 13 miles. Restrooms are located along the trail. 


As always safety first, try to bring a friend on trails and hydrate even though you might not feel thirsty. 

Not done racing yet, what races are left? 

As far as marathons go, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has the “Rehoboth Beach Seashore” full and a half distance on December 2.  A bit pricey but the course looks nice.  

 “The Jingle Bells 5K”, December 3rd in downtown Toms River is always a spirited run that draws a big crowd and for most the last 5k of the year. 


“Christmas in the Pines Trail Run” is December 10, at Jake’s Branch County Park, a festive 4-mile, mildly technical trail run.  


“The Train Run Holiday Special” is December 17th in Asbury Park, includes boardwalk and road running, also a train ride.  Distances include mileage of 2.6 to 6.5 and a breakfast after party.  


 Tired of being cold, and want a warmer weather race?? 

 The Key West Half Marathon, January 14th, 2024, is an option or the A1A Marathon and half marathon, February 18th, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, FL has always been a favorite of a few club members, who do it every year.

 Trying to stay motivated in the cold is hard but a hot shower and cup of coffee or hot cocoa is a great reward for a winter run! 

Jen B.