Embarking on a new approach for this blog post, I’ve decided to delve into the realm of shoe reviews. Drawing from my extensive experience of over six years at a running specialty store, I’ve encountered and tested numerous footwear options. Occasionally, I’ll share my insights on specific shoes, and if there’s a particular one you’re curious about, feel free to drop its name in the comments. Today’s spotlight is on  by Adidas, a choice many shoe reviewers have crowned as their “shoe of the year.”

Having personally embraced this pair for my current running endeavors, I find it quite remarkable (more details on that shortly). Let’s delve into the specifications: weighing in at 9.4 oz for men’s size 9 and 8 oz for women’s size 8, boasting a stack height of 37 mm and a 6.5mm drop. True to form, the sizing is reliable. The upper showcases engineered mesh, while the Light Strike Pro foam forms the core. Noteworthy features include the durable Continental Rubber outsole and the incorporation of fiberglass Energyrods.

Priced at $160, but currently available at a discounted rate of $128 in select colors at RoadRunner Sports, this shoe has clocked nearly 100 miles on my runs. My admiration for it stems from the firm yet springy ride delivered by the Light Strike Pro foam and Energy Rods. The Continental Rubber outsole not only promises longevity but also contributes to the overall excellence of the shoe. Particularly beneficial for those with knee issues or soreness, the Energy Rods add an extra layer of support.

In conclusion, The Boston 12 stands out as an exceptional running shoe, and I wholeheartedly endorse it. I appreciate your time in reading this review.

Don M.