Tails of an injured runner with a family who loves endurance sports !  

Hanna and Chet both had scheduled races this past weekend both in NC. I am injured with a hurt hip and broken foot !  Which puts me in the RV with some views of Chet’s race.  I was able to track Hanna through her Garmin app since she was on the other side of the state.

Hanna’s race was Mt Mitchell Heartbreaker 55k.  It started at 7am at Camp Grier which is the foot of the mountains in Old Fort, NC according to the race description itself  it’s “quad busting, heart pounding trails” Elevation  6000 +    Hanna finished  in a grueling 8 hours 54 minutes.  She went out the next day and ran another 3 hours in the mountains. This race was part of her training process for the Hellbender 100 mile race which is May 10.  

Chet’s race Croatan Buck 50  (150 miles)  gravel bike ride with a crew of 2 other guys Alex and Tyler who have all dedicated the past few months training with hardcore devotion .  We arrived at Carteret County Speedway and set up camp !  Yes, some camped in tents if they didn’t bring an RV like Chet did. The start at 8 AM was delayed due to wind and rain with gusts ranging up to 40 mph calmed down, that was basically all night.  9 AM they were off  to ride in sand, mud and gravel with 4 creek crossings carrying the bike and over a downed tree blocking the course, a muddy cornfield with a water filled ditch. Lots of rain, wind and a few moments of sun for the next 12 hrs 36min. They finished at 10PM. Half of Chet’s division had a  DNF. I could not be more proud ! 

As for me I wait another month until I can start walking, then running to be normal like my family ! 

Jen B.